How to change the Samba logging level


How to increase the Samba logging level to help diagnose an unexpected action or if it is not functioning at all.



QuantaStor uses the default log level in Samba but it can be set to a higher logging level by adding the `log level` flag to the `/etc/samba/smb.conf` config file.

The log level option sets the amount of data to be logged. Normally this is left at 0 or 1. However, if you have a specific problem you may want to set it at 3, which provides the most useful debugging information you would need to track down a problem. Levels above 3 provide information that's primarily for the developers to use for chasing internal bugs, and slows down the server considerably. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid setting this option to anything above 3.

** Example

[global] log file = /usr/local/logs/samba.log.%m log level = 3

The log files will be located under `/var/log/samba/log.%m` where '%m’ is the IP or name of the client machine.

NOTE: We do throttle networking error alerts so any timestamps for when the alert is triggered is just that we hit a threshold value for the increase in errors.

If you believe a Samba problem is network related you will need to keep the error throttling in mind when you are trying to correlate your error data.


Additional details of the Samba logging levels can be found here:

Using Samba



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