Configuring a bonded "eth0" interface in SoftLayer


Steps to configure a bonded inter face on "eth0" in the SOftLayer environment.


The first step is that the SoftLayer switches will need to be set as LACP before the bonding steps can occur. This will require a request for a network change on the SoftLayer side to configure the ports for LACP.

Once the switch ports have been set to LACP you will lose connectivity to the Quantastor system and you will need to configure the bonding through an IPMI console using the command line.

To configure the Bonded interface on the Quantastor using "eth0" you will need to follow the steps below:

1. List the available ports and the status: qs tp-list 2. Set "eth0" to disabled and remove the IP address: qs tp-modify port=eth0 port-type=disabled 3. Create the Bonded interface and specify LACP for the mode: Note - You will need to change the values of "ip-address","port-list","netmask" and "gateway" for your environment qs bond-create ip-address= port-list=eth0,eth2 netmask= gateway= bond-mode=lacp 4. Check configuration: qs tp-list ifconfig -a

We will need to have the Bonded interface configured before any additional configuration can begin.


For additional detail please review the link below:


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