How to determine licensed disk space


Since we manage the LSI controller, we see the Raw Disk storage for the drives configured in the array and use that as the basis for the License calculation. This is the raw disk space and any RAID groups are ignored.

For example, if an array has 9x 6TB disks then a 54TB license required.

Even if you present a single RAID 5 LUN to the Quantastor that is only 48TB in size, you will still need a 54TB license.


The Quantastor error you will see when the license is exceeded will look like this:

** GUI Alert

*ERROR*, d8ff9700:license_manager:598} License space limit exceed by 6.0TB, cannot create/grow storage pool due to insufficient licenses (48.0TB limit).  Please contact your OSNEXUS representative regarding an add-on license. [err=175]

** qs_service.log

{Tue Dec 5 14:32:00 , INFO, d8ff9700:license_manager:405} System contains '49.11TiB' in non-hot-spare HW RAID disk storage, '44.1TiB' in physical disk storage, and has a licensed amount of '43.66TiB'.

The error message displays the disk space in "TiB" but the actual license key information will display the size in "TB" so some conversion may be needed to correlate the values.


** For a license of "48TB" and physical space of "54TB"

** Conversion of the disk values from TiB to TB

49.11TiB = 53.997016 TB - HW RAID disk storage
44.1TIB = 48.48846 TB - Physical disk storage
43.66TiB = 48.004678 TB - Licensed Storage


53.997016TB minus 48TB gives the "License space limit exceed by 6.0TB" error that was displayed in the GUI error message.


For additional details please see the link below:


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