Replacing a single CacheCade SSD disk


How to replace a failed CacheCade SSD disk.


Replacing a single Cachecade SSD disk can be done as a hot swap and does not need any additional configuration steps during the replacement.
The main considerations in the replacement are to keep the replacement drive at the same performance level as the the failed drive and to keep the size of the drive the same or larger as the the failed drive.

A hot swap is the manual replacement of a defective drive unit while the computer is still running.

When a new drive has been installed, a rebuild occurs automatically if these situation occurs:

1. The newly inserted drive is the same capacity as or larger than the failed drive.

2. The newly inserted drive is placed in the same drive bay as the failed drive it is replacing.

3. The RAID controller can be configured to detect the new drives and rebuild the contents of the drive automatically


Note: You need to perform a "Disable SSD Cache"/"Enable SSD Cache" to ensure it is referencing the new CacheCade unit.


Please review the link below for additional detail on this subject:


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