Files not backed up


"Files Scanned” and “Files Copied" do not match in the backup job properties.



The backup policy feature will scan the entire network share that you have connected to and it will backup any files and subdirectories that the root user has access to. 

If you find that you are missing files during the run of the backup policy, please ensure that you have "no_root_squash" set for your NFS shares on the Netapp and that the root user has read permission access to all of the files and folders that you wish to backup.

There may also be ACL permissions on the netapp NFS share preventing root access, if that is the case, please ensure that you add ACL read access for the root user or if the Netapp is mapping the root user to another user (such as the nobody user), please ensure that user has read acl access.


More information on the backup policy feature is available here:



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