How to replace a disk


How do I replace a failed disk on a QuantaStor system?

If the disk is already recognized as bad and you plan to replace the disk, there is nothing you need to do to logically remove the device; you can simply remove the bad disk.

You should be able to insert a new disk and - if the disk hasn't already been replaced by another one - add a new disk as a spare in order to begin the replacement/rebuild process. 



Disk replacement is fairly easy with QuantaStor as we always use disks marked as hot spare for the replacement.

To replace a failed disk use the following steps:

1) Locate the failed drive using the 'Identify' option for the disk in the Hardware and Enclosures section of the WebUI.

2) If it's a failed drive replace this disk with a new drive. If it is still marked as 'Good" then select 'Remove' from the drop down for that drive, then replace the drive.

3) In the 'Physical Disk' or 'Storage Pool' section of the WebUI click the 'Scan for Disks' option to have QuantaStor scan in the new disk you inserted.

4) Right Click on the Storage Pool in the 'Storage pool' section of the WebUI and choose the 'Recover Storage pool / Add Spares' option. inside of the Dialog choose the newly added disk drive and click 'OK', then the Pool will immediately begin resilvering.

Note, if you already have Hot Spares configured for the Storage Pool, the steps above are the same, but the pool will just add the new disk as a hotspare drive for the pool as a previously added hot spare would have been used for the rebuild once the failure was first detected.

Once that task completes, expand the controller tree view on the left hand side and locate your new disks, then right click and choose 'Mark as Hot-Spare'.

The RAID controller will then detect the new disks and begin the rebuild process.



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