Samba-4 install


This procedure will install Samba v4 which enables trusted domain and SMB3 protocol support.

You will need to use the steps below to install Samba-4 using the "samba4-install" script


Samba 4 includes a large number of new features including support for SMB 3.0. SMB 3.0 provides further performance in comparison to SMB2.x and enables more Windows security and functionality features than the older Samba 3.6 release shipped with QuantaStor by default.



The procedure to install Samba v4 is below:

1) If you are a member of a domain, please use the 'Configure CIFS Services' dialog in the WebUI to leave the domain. The QuantaStor system must not be a member of a domain while the update is installed. the script will detect and prevent the upgrade if you are still a member of a domain.

2) From an ssh or physical console of the system, please login as the 'qadmin' user. and run the below command (if you have enabled root access, please login using your root credentials instead)


sudo samba4-install


3) If you had previously been a member of a domain, please re-join your system to the domain using the 'Configure CIFS Services' dialog in the WebUI



The optional samba4 install comes from the Sernet Enterprise Samba team. they use a different repository for storing their packages and updates that is added via the samba4-install script when needed to deploy these optional updates.

For the systems that require the Samba4 package be installed for joining your AD server, please add the below URL to the HTTP proxy rules so that system can access this additional repository and install the samba4 packages from Sernet.





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