Alerts indicating "Disk Timeouts" or "Harware Event"


Alerts indicating "Disk Timeouts" or "Hardware Event" could indicate a hardware issue on the controller.

QuantaStor will raise this alert as it was from an error from the controllers event logs that we monitor via the LSI cli utilities.

This alert is coming from the RAID controller logs and is only being passed on by QuantaStor monitoring processes.

Since this is a controller level error we would recommend grabbing a full set of logs from the controller with the LSI log gathering tools and submitting a ticket with LSI for diagnostics of the controller error.



For investigating this type of issue it is always good to engage with LSI/Avago support and work with them to determine the hardware failure and next steps.

We do help make it easier to gather the logs from the LSI controllers using the below command.

qs-util megalsiget

You can run the command and terminate it once it tries to upload to our ftp server, you will then want to fetch the tgz file that the "lsiget" script generated and send it off to LSI/Avago support for further diagnosis.

Additional detail can be found at this link:




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