System will not detect or import encrypted drives after reboot


Quantastor system will not detect or import any encrypted drives after being rebooted.


"zpool import" shows no volumes
"zpool list" doesn't show the volume
The encrypted physical raid can be seen in the web interface.

Example of relevant logs that can be found in the "/var/log/qs_service.log":
{Thu Jan 14 08:57:26 2016, WARN, 303a0740:disk_manager:680} Found software RAID device '/dev/mapper/enc-scsi-SAdaptec_RAID1-B_0CA15427: UUID_SUB=1609085764115381976 TYPE=zfs_member' but unable to interpret the data, skipping.



To correct this symptom you will need to log into the system CLI and run the following command as root:

# qs-util crypttabrepair

This command will scan for any LUKS devices that are not yet decrypted and attempt to repair the disk to key mapping and open the disk device for use.


Additional details can be found at this link:


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