Check for LUKS encrypted disks


A pool can fail to import if an encrypted pool has one disk or more disks that are not encrypted.

This can occur when a disk has been replaced in the pool and has not been encrypted.



First check for LUKS headers on all the disks.

Below is the command to run the check the disks for LUKS headers.

for i in $(ls /dev/sd* | grep -v [1-9]); do cryptsetup luksDump $i; done

This command will perform a read-only check of all of the drives and verify that they are all encrypted.


If all drives are showing up as encrypted then run the steps below to ensure that the encryption keys match the disk id's:

qs-util cryptopenall
service cryptdisks start


Use the commands below to import and start the Storage Pool if it is available.

Replace 'PASSWORD' with the password for their QuantaStor admin account when using the "qs pool-start" command.

zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id qs-532fa206-b87c-e21e-d91e-255c0e8ea6f0
qs pool-start --pool=532fa206-b87c-e21e-d91e-255c0e8ea6f0 --server=localhost,admin,PASSWORD


Additional information related to QuantaStor encryption can be found here:


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