How to attach iSCSI LUN's to a QuantaStor system


LUN's can be provided so that the OSNexus system will have an initiator and the LUN's will be iSCSI targets.


You can create a Software iSCSI Adapter inside of the "Hardware Enclosures & Controllers" section of the Web UI. Once you launch the "Create Software Adapter" dialog you will need to provide a name and the IP of your iSCSI Target.

Once the adapter is created it will scan the target for available LUNs. You will then need to right click on the "Software Adapter" you created and choose the "Target Login" option and choose in that dialog which of the luns you wish to login to.

Note: If you have not already added the iSCSI initiators from a QuantaStor system to your iSCSI luns, you can find the initiator name in the properties for the Storage System when you have the Storage System selected in the QuantaStor Web Manager.


Additional information can be found at this link:





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