How to determine capacity for licensing


How do I determine what my capacity is for QuantaStor licensing.



Our licensing is based on the Raw TB of the physical disk in the system used for data disks. This includes the capacity of the raw disk behind a raid controller that is integrated for management regardless of Hardware RAID level.

As an example a RAID5 of 24x 1TB disks and a RAID10 of 24x 1TB disks would both require a 24TB RAW capacity license even when on an LSI, Adaptec or other hardware RAID controller we support.

* We do not count disks configured as spares, cache or OS towards the capacity, only data disks.

* We use raw Gigabytes as that is what disk manufacturers use for reporting their advertised capacity and it makes it easiest to license in the same fashion.

* You will need to license for the capacity of the disk in GB times the number of disks you have configured that are storing data.

* We use gigabytes (GB) for our raw calculations but we also show Gibibytes (GiB) for usable capacity:


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