How can I delete a offline Storage Pool


How to remove a pool that will not com back online or when trying to delete the Storage Pool this error comes up:

"Unable to locate a ZFS based storage pool with ID 'qs-86616317-2186-5643-70e3-37612c83b386' [err=488]""


This can also happen when the disk devices are not available for the pool when you try to delete it.



Use the "Export Storage Pool" option.
If you changed the underlying hardware configuration where the physical disks no longer contain the information on the Storage Pool, you will want to use the "Export Storage Pool" option.

To do this right click on the "Storage Pool" in the WebManager and choose the "Export Storage Pool" option, this will cause QuantaStor to safely export the storage pool if it is present as well as remove all internal database entries for the Storage Pool or it's children.

Export Stor Pool.jpg

More details are available in the documentation at the link below:



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