What happens if my license expires


What are the effects on the system when my system license expires?



If your system license expires, all data access will continue to work as normal, but the system cannot be modified, i.e. creating a new network share.

Advanced features like Replication, Backup Policies and Snapshots, that perform a license check before triggering, do require a valid system license to run. These features will stop working on an expired system license. This rule does not apply for non-locking system licenses.


To add a license use the QuantaStor License Manager:

The QuantaStor License Manager can be accessed via the System Checklist or directly from the Storage Management Toolbar.

Use the License Manager to add new OS Nexus QuantaStor license keys.

There are two methods available to activate license keys which have been added to the License Manager.

1. If the QuantaStor system has an active connection to the internet you can Activate Online.

2. If online activation is unavailable, you can send an email to using the template from the Activate via Email dialog.

The License Manager can also be used to remove expired license keys.


Please review this link for additional details:


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