How to restore QuantaStor from a backup.


If you want to restore the QuantaStor configuration from a backup.



You would want to import your storage pools into the QuantaStor and place the database file into one of the Storage pools on the system:

Example /mnt/storage-pools/qs-bdefd4be-c814-d43f68fb-c70abc79e153.

The file must be named osn.db.Storage-SYSTEMID.{0-5} - example osn.db.1bb493b6-585f-25f5-c6ab-7fe0d9246805.2 - for the "Recovery Manager" to recognize the file.

You will then want to use the steps outlined in the "Recovery Manager" help page linked below to complete the restore of the configuration:


Once the database is recovered the configuration data it contains will be applied to the QuantaStor, restoring Network Share and Storage Volume access rules, Networking configuration, user accounts and all other settings stored in the QuantaStor database



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