How to recover QuantaStor after an OS reload


How to recover your Quantastor configuration after an OS reload.



Reload the OS and use the "Recovery Manager" to recover your previous QuantaStor database configuration.

Once the OS reload is completed, add your license keys and then import the Storage Pools using the Storage Pool rescan button with the 'Import Foreign Storage Pools' option checked.
You can then use the "Recovery Manager to recover your prior database configuration from the database copy we automatically store on the Storage Pool for OS recovery operations like this.

QuantaStor performs an hourly backup of it's configuration database and stores those backups on the Storage Pool, so if there is a problem the configuration can be recovered via the "Recovery Manager" dialog and one of the previous backups.
So regardless of what version you install or even in the event of an OS reload, the configuration settings can be restored from a backup.

Additional detail can be found here:
Storage System Recovery Manager


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