How to create a custom crontab entry


How to change the root crontab entry



When Quantastor starts up it will replace the root crontab file and remove any entries that have been added.

To enable a custom root crontab you will need to copy the QuantaStor owned crontab `/opt/osnexus/quantastor/bin//qs_checkservice.crontab` to a file called `/var/opt/osnexus/quantastor/qs_custom.crontab` and then add your own custom crontab entries to that file.

Note: the entry for the `/opt/osnexus/quantastor/bin/` script MUST be present in the crontab.

cp /opt/osnexus/quantastor/bin/qs_checkservice.crontab /var/opt/osnexus/quantastor/qs_custom.crontab

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