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The change log contains a detailed summary of the changes made for each new release of QuantaStor.

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For information on how to upgrade your storage system please see the Upgrade Guide.



Versioning System

QuantaStor version numbers have four (4) parts to them. A major number (M), minor number (N), maintenance update number (U) and build number (B) of the form M.N.U.B such as QuantaStor upgrades go directly from whatever version you are running to the latest version with no interim steps so for example if you are at v3.16 you will upgrade directly to the latest version which may be v4.1.

Major Version Number

QuantaStor v4.x is the current Major release version.

Upgrading from QuantaStor 3.x releases can be done inline with minimal downtime and a schedule work window to reboot for any new Kernel and driver updates.

Legacy upgrades from QuantaStor 2.x releases would require exporting any Storage Pools, reloading the OS with QuantaStor 4.x install media, and then importing the storage pools and performing a restore of the configuration database using the Storage System Recovery Manager Dialog

Minor Version Number

The minor version number increments with each minor product update release of QuantaStor which comes out every 2 - 4 months. Releases typically include a combination of new features and some maintenance fixes. Most releases can be applied without a reboot and zero downtime as they rarely include driver changes. If a release does require a reboot we mark it specially with a large tag "REBOOT REQUIRED" so that you can find an appropriate maintenance window in which to apply the upgrade. In general, reboots are only required when the qstortarget package has been upgraded. So if you see that a new version of that package is available know that a reboot will be required to complete the upgrade.

Maintenance Update

If the release includes maintenance version number like 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 it represents a update to address one or more support tickets. These updates generally do not contain new features, only fixes to address specific issues. Maintenance releases generally ship once a month.

Build Number

The build number can be largely ignored, it simply increments with each commit that is made to the source tree.



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