How to open a support case.


Any support requests related to the OSNEXUS QuantaStor software should be opened using the OSNEXUS support portal per our support guidelines or via email to ''.

Support cases can also be opened on our 'Contact Support' page at

Note: Additional information on our Support Levels can be found here: osn_support_levels.pdf


To open a new case you can go to and select "Submit a request" at the top of the page.

Then fill out the request form with as much detail about the issue as you can supply.

If possible please upload a set of logs to help us investigate your issue in a timely manner.

**Log Gathering**

The procedure for uploading the log files are below.

1) Please login to the QuantaStor via ssh or physically at the system console as the `qadmin` user or a user with similar sudo access, you can also use the root user if you have that configured. Please note that we also provide a convenient option in the WebUI for systems with internet access where you can right click on the Storage System and choosing 'Send log report...'.

Note: if you did not change the password for the qadmin user, the default password is `qadmin`

2) Please run the `sudo qs-sendlogs` command from a shell console to generate the log file. If your system has internet access it will automatically upload the logfiles to our FTP server.

If your system does not have internet access, please proceed to step 3

3) Copy the logfile generated by the `sudo qs-sendlogs` command from your QuantaStor unit using your preferred ssh/scp/sftp client and upload it using your preferred ftp client to our ftp server.

Our FTP login for uploading the logfiles is below:

username: report

password: REP0RT (that 0 is a zero)

ftp server ip:

port: 821


Alternate ways to contact support:

Go to the OSNEXUS support page and fill in the form to submit a support case.


Contact Support

Tel. +1.866.219.1757


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