Difference between Trial edition license and Community license


1. What is the difference between Enterprise and Community Edition licences?
2. Can they both provide FC SAN and iSCSI support?


The main difference is that QuantaStor trial Enterprise Edition keys have all Enterprise Edition features unlocked, and is limited to 256TB raw for 30 days, while Community Edition is limited to 40TB, and will need to be renewed every two years.

Community Edition is limited to only 3 appliances per storage grid, whereas Enterprise Edition supports up to 64 appliances per storage grid.

Community Edition is a 2-year license key intended strictly for non-commercial purposes. Features not included are multi-tenancy, remote replication, encryption, storage tiers, QoS controls or HA.

Community Edition is intended for a small lab for non-production use.

Both versions support iSCSI, FC, iSER, S3, NFS & SMB.

Please visit the "QuantaStor Free Trial" page for more details -


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