Difference between Trial edition license and Community license


1. Is there any different between Trial edition license and Community license?
2. Can they both provide FC SAN and iSCSI support?



The main difference is that the QuantaStor Trial Edition keys have all Enterprise Edition features unlocked and is limited to 256TB of disk space and 30-days while Community Edition is limited to 20TB for the 30 day evaluation.

Community Edition is also limited to 1 management user account and doesn't support scale-out management grids or include support.

Community Edition is a 2-year license key intended strictly for non-commercial purposes.

Community Edition doesn't have Encryption, or the support to enable scale-out QuantaStor solutions or DR.

The Community Edition is an ideal solution for the person looking to set up small test lab but not much else.

Both support FC, iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS.


Please visit the "QuantaStor Free Trial" page for more detail:


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