Can QuantaStor be used for backup storage?


QuantaStor can be used as a Backup target for any backup software that can use CIFS/NFS network shares or iSCSI/FC LUNs.



A QuantaStor storage system to be used for backups of VMs, Files, Systems,Exchange,Active Directory,Oracle ... etc.

QuantaStor can be used as a backup target with our Network Shares(via CIFS/NFS) or Storage Volumes(iSCSI/FC Target).

You can also use your backup application on a VM via VMware on a Datastore using NFS, iSCSI or FC storage from the QuantaStor.

QuantaStor can also be used as Primary Storage and you can use our DR remote replication feature to replicate Network Shares/Volumes to a secondary or offsite QuantaStor system.


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