Minimum nodes needed for using S3 or SWIFT


Is there a way to expose S3 or Swift APIs from a QS box without having to use a 3 node configuration?


Our Object Storage Solution is based on our scale-out Ceph configuration which requires 3 nodes minimum.

Note: You can deploy our Ceph configuration with a very small 3-node Ceph config, even on 1U units, but there would be no room in that small of a configuration for Hardware redundancy of the RAID arrays.

Below is an example of the disk layout of a 3 Node 1U Ceph configuration:

2x disks for OS
1x disk for OSD SSD Journal
1x disk for OSD Data drive.
Configure all 3 ceph nodes with a replica count=2 to provide redundancy.

As there is no failure domain handling of disk failures at the RAID controller level, any failures of the single pass thru SSD Journal drive or Data drive would most likely require removing the OSD and recreating it and rebalancing/replicating data from the other OSD's on the other nodes.


Additional details can be found at this link:




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