Red lights on the disk drives


There are red lights on the disk drives that can be used for several status indications.



The red lights on the drives can indicate the following status:

1. A blinking red light on the drive indicates a "Hot Spare".

2. A solid red light indicates a failed status for that drive and should be evaluated for replacement.

3. User initiated blinking red light from the WebUI, this communicates with the controller to make the hard drive LED blink so that the disk can be identified in the enclosure. 

Note: The blinking pattern used to identify hotspares is different than the pattern for the user initiated identification.


Turning off an actively blinking LED:

You can disable the identify LED on the drives by going to the 'Controllers & Enclosures' section and select a disk by right clicking on it.

Open the 'Identify' from the drop down menu and set 'Select Blink Type' to 'Off"'using the radial button. 

Note: If the drive really has a continuing SMART failure or other warning state issue that would transition the disk to a warning state, the light will come back on.


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