Can multiple Storage Pools share the same HA VIF interface


There are two pools but we would like to use the same VIF IP for both pools.


Currently Pool1 has Virtual Nic and We need to add HA Virtual Nics to Pool2 and pool3,but we would like to use the same IP information.

Can all three pools be configured with same IP address for their HA Virtual interfaces?


No this would not be a valid configuration.

The Storage Pools cannot share the same HA VIF, each Storage Pool should have a unique IP address to ensure that it can continue to provide Client access in the event a Failover occurs.

Note: while iSCSI does present only the client access for Storage Volumes on a particular pool via it's HA VIF, we do not have anything to block client access to network Shares from CIFS/NFS.

Please ensure that clients for NFS/CIFS use the HA VIF for the Storage Pool that they are on to ensure that in the event of a Failover that they can maintain HA access to the Network Share.


Please review this link for additional detail:


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