Setting LSI SAS HBA boot support

Applies to:

Avago/LSI SAS HBAs series 2008 and up


There are three modes for boot ROM support in LSI SAS controllers: OS only, BIOS only, and BIOS & OS.

For external LSI SAS controllers, we recommend using the OS only setting. This disables the ability to boot from the controller, but provides faster access to the drives and frees up some memory on the controller. Example model: LSI SAS 9207-8e

For internal SAS controllers, or systems where both the OS and data disks are on the same SAS controller, use the BIOS & OS setting. Example model: LSI SAS 9300-4i4e

The third option, BIOS only, is typically not used. This setting will allow the system to boot from a LUN on the controller, but after boot the disks are hidden from the OS. QuantaStor will fail to boot when using this feature, so you should choose either OS only or BIOS & OS.



1. Power on or reboot the system, and wait for the LSI SAS BIOS to load during POST. During initialization the controller will be scanning the attached disks and enclosures.
2. After the scan completes, you will be presented with a list of devices and an option to enter the controller configuration. Hit CTRL+C to enter configuration.

Note that the timeout for hitting the keys is short, so make sure that your screen says "Please wait, invoking SAS Configuration Utility...". If you do not get this message, you will need to reboot the system and try again.
3. Once inside of the SAS configuration utility, the main page will display a list of SAS controllers in the system. If you have multiple LSI SAS controllers you may see the others listed here. Use the arrow keys to select the controller you want to modify, then hit Enter.
4. On the next page, use the arrow keys to highlight the field next to Boot Support. Press the + key (or hold SHIFT and hit = ) to change the value of the field.
5. After making changes, hit Esc to exit and you will be prompted to save changes. Select "Save changes the exit this menu" and hit Enter to commit the changes.
6. Hit Esc one more time from the controller selection page, select "Exit the Configuration Utility and Reboot", and hit Enter to reboot.

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