Does QuantaStor support VLAN Tagging


Both "Bonding" and "VLAN Tagging" are supported for QuantaStor interfaces.

For setting up 'VLAN Tagging' we recommend following the steps below:

1) In the WebUI locate the system in the grid to be modified and select one of the interfaces you would like to use for the bond, then right click and choose the 'Create a Bonded Interface..' option. We recommend using LACP for the bonded network type. Please ensure the switch ports are set to active mode.
Note: The Bonded interface must have an IP address configured on it that is unique, even if the network switches do not have any untagged VLANs for the network switch ports.

2) Once the Bonded port is created, right Click on it and choose the 'Create VLAN Interface..' option, supply a VLAN ID and a unique IP Address correct for that VLAN.

3) If you have a 'High Availability Group' created on a Storage Pool, you can right click on it and select the 'Create High Availability Network Interface...' option and then specify a unique IP address on the VLAN and select the VLAN interface selected in step '2' above.


Additional information can be found at this link:





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