Difference between NFSv3 and NFSv4 mount syntax


The syntax for mounting a share using NFSv3 and NFSv4 can be different depending and depending on the NFS options that are in place.

When using NFSv3 you must always use a "/export " prefix in the share path.




When using NFSv4 you will use a relative share path if browsing is enabled.




If you are using NFSv4 and have browsing disabled you must use the "/export " prefix in the share path.



If you have NFSv3/v4 selected in QuantaStor, the "/export *" will not be defined in the exports and NFS clients can only mount v4 with "/export/SHARENAME", see below:



With NFSv4 mode selected the browsing feature is enabled by default and this changes how clients can mount for the relative namespace so clients will only be able to mount with "/export" removed.


Note, you can disable browsing which will allow you to only provide the "/export" prefix once more with NFSv4 mode.

The main difference with NFSv4 mode is support for the Kerberos authentication hooks in the Service and enabling the "/export *" browsing namespace by default.


Additional information can be found at this link:







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