Steps to temporarily mount the remote replicated copy


These steps are to temporarily mount a remote replicated copy (not permanently promote).

If you don't want to reverse the replication after the DR testing is complete, simply restart the replication as if nothing happened (the remote copy will be overwritten).



Steps are to temporarily mount a remote replicated copy.

1. Create a Replication Schedule and let it run:



2. Add NFS access and Enable the remote share to be able to mount it:


3. Mount the share on a client system. This is required to prevent the Replication Schedule from running:


4. Once the testing on the remote share is done you will need to unmount the share from the client:

5. The Replication Schedule will be disabled at this point so you will need to enable it, see Figure-6


6. Let the Replication schedule run and verify the next job runs normally.



Additional details can be found at this link:



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