Manually assigned UID and GID (RFC 2307) not visible in QuantaStor

We have noticed a few occurrences where manual GID and UID entries for users and groups aren't appearing in the QuantaStor UI. This is when trying to configure AD permissions for network shares.

Here is an example of the issue in mind:

The reason this is likely happening is due to this part of the /etc/samba/smb.conf:

idmap config SUPPORT-JOSH : backend = ad
idmap config SUPPORT-JOSH : range = 5000000-19999999
idmap config SUPPORT-JOSH : schema_mode = rfc2307

If you are using UID and GID numbers that are outside of this range, you will not be able to configure AD permissions correctly. You have two options to make it work:

A) Change the UID and GID range in /etc/samba/smb.conf
B) Change the UID and GID range you are using in your environment to match the default 5000000-19999999 range

Once you have done either of these, you should be able to properly see the UID and GID in QuantaStor:

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