What does the "Potential enclosure mis-cabling" message mean?


We have added a CBLERR status for Hardware Enclosures that are cabled in ways that are not optimal.

In a scenario where you have multiple HBS's we'd recommend cross-wiring from the HBA to the JBOD expanders.

You generally do not require more than 2 cables between any given head node and any given JBOD. Each wire should be out of a different expander (primary/secondary) on the JBOD and into a different HBA than the other wire also going to the same head node.

Quantastor has added logic to detect when certain multi-node, multi-HBA, multi-JBOD setups are mis-cabled. This can occur when a given node has 2 HBAs connected to the same JBOD.



Tips on re-cabling:

If it's possible to just export the pool, shut everything down, power it all off, and then do the rewiring, that's preferable. This will normally take 15-30 minutes in overall downtime.

If the shutdown can not be done then and you have an HA environment you can fail everything over to one side, re-wire the other side and bring it up.

Failback everything to the re-wired system and shutdown and rewire other node.


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