Will resizing my storage volume require downtime


Will resizing my storage volume require downtime?


When resizing a storage volume, it is important to understand what is currently consuming it. The safest method is to disconnect from a storage volume prior to resizing it, however, many operating systems should be able to detect that a device is now larger in size without a reboot.

In VMWare, a VMFS datastore hosted on a storage volume from QuantaStor should detect the new size of a storage volume after a re-scan, but the VMFS will not automatically expand to use the available space. To use the additional space, you would need to extend the VMFS volume.

For all other situations where storage volumes are being presented, the new size of a storage volume should be visible after a re-scan.

Details about growing a QuantaStor ZFS Pool can be found at:

Details about resizing a QuantaStor Storage Volume can be found at:

If you have any issues with a storage volume resize, please contact OSNEXUS Support.


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