How to allow Quantastor to see NetApp SVM exports


Enabling NFS clients to view exports of SVMs

NFS clients can use the showmount -e command to see a list of exports available on an NFS server. This can help users identify the file system they want to mount on the NFS server.

By default, Data ONTAP does not allow NFS clients to view the exports list of NFS servers, but you can enable this functionality individually for each Storage Virtual Machine (SVM).



Before you begin
NFSv3 must be enabled on the SVM.
The client must have access to the SVM over port 635.

About this task
The output on the client displays the list of exports for volumes and qtrees for the SVM. However, it does not display the client access list and shows everyone as having access.

To check client access to exports, you should use the vserver export-policy check-access command instead.
Data ONTAP caches the list of exports. If the export list changes, for example due to an unmounted volume on the cluster, the export path remains in the cache until it expires or is flushed by the administrator using the vserver export-policy cache flush command.

Modify the SVM to allow NFS clients to see the list of exports:
vserver nfs modify -vserver vserver_name -showmount enabled

The following command enables the showmount feature on the SVM named vs1:

cluster1::> vserver nfs modify -vserver vs1 -showmount enabled
The following command entered on an NFS client displays the list of exports on an NFS server with the IP address

# showmount -e
Export list for
/unix (everyone)
/unix/unix1 (everyone)
/unix/unix2 (everyone)
/ (everyone)


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