Expired SSL Certificate - problems connecting between QuantaStor hosts

If a QuantaStor host's SSL certificate is corrupted or erased, it can be regenerated via the following.

(Also, installing an older precise based QuantaStor will require these steps to allow it to join a grid.)


Using the steps below, the SSL certs will be generated on one host and installed there.  Then copied to all QuantaStor systems in the grid and installed there.

The basic process is:

  1. On the first QuantaStor host run:
    1. On QuantaStor versions prior to v5.3.0 run "qs-sslcertgen createall"
    2. Or on versions v5.3.0 or greater run "qs-sslcert generatecerts"
    3. Untar the produced tar file
    4. Run ./
  2. Use scp to copy the cert tar file created by the createall command to ALL hosts in the grid.
    1. scp ./qscerts.2020-07-08_15-03-01.tgz qadmin@
  3. On each host, untar the certs and run the installer.
    1. tar -zxvf qscerts.2020-07-08_15-03-01.tgz
    2. ./
  4. Refresh the browser



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