Using Gmail Account As a SMTP Mailer For QuantaStor Alerts

Using Gmail Account As a SMTP Mailer For QuantaStor Alerts

or How to have QuantaStor deliver email alerts through Gmail.


Gmail can be used by QuantaStor to send Alert emails. To do this, the Gmail user must be configured via the gmail settings page as defined below. If it is not, then QuantaStor cannot send emails. Also, once the user is configured, QuantaStor must be configured as described below.

QuantaStor Requirements / How To:

The email server login information is setup through the Storage Management / Storage System ribbon / Alert Manager ribbon button. The dialog looks like:


  • Sender / From Email Address
    • This is the From address that will be shown in the email.
    • Some email servers such as gmail will replace this with the SMTP User set below.
  • Customer Support / To Email Address
    • This is the email address that the Alert email will be sent to.
  • SMTP Server Address
  • SMTP Port
    • 587
  • Connection Security
  • SMTP User
    • This is the gmail user account that will be used to login to the SMTP server and send the email.
    • See blow for settings that must be made to that gmail user before gmail will allow QuantaStor to send emails.
  • SMTP Password
    • This is the gmail user account password.

Gmail Account Requirements:

These changes must be made to the gmail account being used to send Alerts from QuantaStor.  Login as that user and then navigate to the sections shown below.

  • Google Account
    • Security
      • 2-Step Verification Off
      • Less secure app access On

Other Documentation Regarding Configuration of QuantaStor Alerts:


Items to consider:

  • Make sure the receiving email client does not mark Alert mail as spam.
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