Intel E810 network adapters cannot be configured in QuantaStor


Intel E810 network adapters are not appearing correctly in QuantaStor installs based on Bionic, and cannot be configured.


These network adapters require an ice driver that is not installed by default. We have a custom built driver that needs to be installed. Follow the below steps.

1. Log in via SSH and elevate to root

# sudo -i

2. check the current version of any Kernel driver already present (it should report 0.7.4-k)
# modinfo -F version ice

3. Navigate into the /home/qadmin directory, and download the drivers

# cd /home/qadmin
# wget
# wget

4. Backup the current OSNEXUS built drivers if they are present

# cp /lib/modules/5.3.0-62-generic/quantastor/drivers/ice.ko /lib/modules/5.3.0-62-generic/quantastor/drivers/ice.ko.bak
# cp /lib/modules/5.3.0-62-generic/quantastor/drivers/auxiliary.ko /lib/modules/5.3.0-62-generic/quantastor/drivers/auxiliary.ko.bak

5. Copy the new drivers into the correct location

# cp /home/qadmin/ice.ko-1.7.16-kernel-5.3.0-62-generic /lib/modules/5.3.0-62-generic/quantastor/drivers/ice.ko
# cp /home/qadmin/ice-auxiliary.ko-1.7.16-kernel-5.3.0-62-generic /lib/modules/5.3.0-62-generic/quantastor/drivers/auxiliary.ko

6. Final steps to configure the driver

# update-pciids
# depmod -a
# update-initramfs -u -k all

7. Finally, reboot

# reboot

8. Check the new driver is present and in use
# modinfo -F version ice
# lsmod | grep ice

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